Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Out and About

I know chores are usually things to complain about, but they have their upsides. One of those is not burning the papers with a lighter that barely stays on which leads to burnt fingers as you try to get the papers to catch... but the sunrises and clear blue skies are. This morning was particularly beautiful because in addition to the sunrise there was the crescent moon hanging over the trees. If it hadn't been so cold I might have stood outside longer to appreciate it.

As it is, some days the chores are the only time I manage to get outside. When the weather warms up I can relocated my writing space to the front deck, but right now it's a little cold for that. Hard to type with frozen fingers.

And while my current writing space has a window, it's not a big room, and I have to watch the light or else I can end up down for the day with a migraine. Hard to type when your head is about to explode, too.

So sometimes the only chance I have to get out and see the sky or breathe in the fresh air is when I'm getting done what needs to be done outside. After that it's back in to the desk. I think my ideal space would have some sort of big windows with some sort of anti-glare coating on them so I could see out without having to worry about it triggering headaches. (I think when the snow melts it will make a big difference, too. Not much glare off of grass.)

Though maybe that would be worse. Hard to type when the beautiful outdoors is calling to you. Unless you can type outdoors.

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