Thursday, August 27, 2009


This is one of those words that every writer knows, of course. I did learn recently that there was, at one time, a more literal meaning behind it, but at the moment the exact details of this elude me. Something in journalism, I think. Anyway, regardless of what it used to mean, there is it's current meaning. Which, again, every writer knows something about.

I hate them. I loathe them. I despise their very existence. And it should be no surprise that I am terrible with them. Not to say that I don't meet them, because except under extraordinary circumstances, I do. I also procrastinate, as I have mentioned here before, and so give me a deadline and my own natural proclivities... well, the two are bound to clash.

It's always been this way, even back in college. I would put my papers off until the last moment. Not completely, mind you. I'd have the research done in advance, my notes jotted down - no outline, though; never an outline - and that's where it would sit. Until the day before. When I would actually write. You'd think this would lead to poor results, but this was not the case. I routinely finished my assignments and earned a good grade.

Which only reinforced the bad habit I have of being somewhat cavalier about deadlines. I mark them down, I note them, then I forget about them. Until the last minute. You would think, after years of this, that it would have bit me on at least one occasion, but so far not. In fact, it seems to be a system for me. It's not a system I'm fond of, nor one I can recommend, but it does seem to work.

It does tend to add somewhat unnecessary stress to my life, and I admit this. I also admit it might be better were I not to put things off to the last minute, and get them done ahead of time. However, I just don't seem to be wired this way, and with very few exceptions have never managed to actually do this. It doesn't impact the quality of my work, doesn't keep my from fulfilling assignments, just - on occasion - leads to some late nights in front of the computer.

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Kmcelhinny said...

But that's why you are a creative person.

Some people that tend to stick to schedules and restrain themselves to tiny little boxes, find it hard to climb out of the box when need be.

And as long as you get the work done, and do it well... where you can respect yourself. Isn't that what really counts? Not everyone works the same way, and if you have found a way that works for you, then go with it. Embrace it and soon it might not seem so stressful.