Saturday, January 12, 2008


Hmm, wondering how long I can keep the one-word title thing going... Not that it's been that long yet. Turn it into a month long challenge and then maybe I'll have something. At least then I'd be motivated about something.

I have one more day here - if I'm counting Sunday as part of the previous week, which it ought to be, because after all it's called the "weekend" right? hard to be the end if it starts the week, no matter what the calendar says. Though it does bring into question why the calendar does start with Sunday. Probably religious reasons, I'm guessing, though even still it is supposed to be the seventh day... Well, now at some point I'm going to have to research it. Or post the question some where and let other people research it for me. The web makes it really easy to be lazy about that sort of stuff. Besides, I'm not sure how you'd search for the answer to that question anyway. I could always look it up on some of the user-written encyclopedias - we all know which one - but then there's no way to guarantee veracity. Plus I doubt anyone's actually done that.

I could go look, but I do have things I need to get done. Though, as any method actor would say, I'm having trouble finding my motivation.

Not that I don't have practical motivations. There are bills to pay. But that's hardly reasons to get excited. It might seem a little odd to expect to be excited about your work, but I've always felt that was important. You should WANT to clock in, metaphorically or literally speaking. And while that may be strictly a middle class sentiment, or at least often articulated as such, I'm not sure it is. After all, there is talk of the working classes being "proud of" the work they accomplish. I think that's largely the same thing - having a feeling of not only accomplishing something but tackling a task that you can look back on and claim with some sense of self-satisfaction.

And right now, I don't have it. At least for what I ought to be doing.

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