Sunday, January 20, 2008

Time of Day

Week two of the blog and think I did rather well with it. I think I need to start picking a time of day to set aside and work on "my" things rather than the other projects I have to do. Otherwise it just gets too easy to put things aside in the name of work. And while work pays the bills, I'd also like to be doing more. Which was the whole purpose of keeping this in the first place.

Only times really left to be uninterrupted and sort of "me time" is either in the early mornings, or thee late evenings. And while I like mornings, and have found them to be productive, I don't like actually having to get up to experience them. On the other hand, I used to work great in the evenings (and that's when the first major works got written way back when) but have found that to be less so as time goes on. I do seem to be less distracted in the evenings, which counts for something I guess.

Of course, with the writers on strike and nothing on tv, I may find myself in front of the computer more often. But I think ti shouldn't take an angry labor movement to accomplish that.

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