Monday, January 7, 2008


Another year gone and past. Obviously not everything got accomplished - wasn't very resolute in my resolutions as it were, but still some progress was made. I'd like to justify not getting much accomplished writing wise by saying the constraints of real life impeded me, but of course that would be a bit of a cop-out. Truth is I have things to send out and things almost finished, and there's no real excuse for not getting those done.

So, let's start here: I'm going to try and write a little here each day, as I planned on doing six months ago. (Which did not go to plan, as is rather evident by the previous entry having been posted back at the end of August.) This will still be the place to collect various thoughts and ideas, and strictly writing related more or less. Given I've never been one to be at a loss for words, there's no excuse for not starting here, and jump-starting every day by getting some thoughts down and the creative, or at least literary, process going.

And a couple of goals for this coming month:
  1. send out a submission a week. Doesn't have to be big, short stories will do, but something.
  2. finish the "editing" that keeps me from finishing those last chapters
  3. finish those last chapters
  4. if I can't work on something new each day, work on something old. Plenty of wip's in the folder.

Not starting a the beginning of the month, true, so there's some procrastination built in already. It's a good start, though.

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